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Hydro Therapy

Did you know? The word Spa means “Sanitas per Aqua” which is Health through water so it only makes sense that a Spa has water treatments and facilities to allow the human body to heal through its powers.

Whether you choose to base your water treatments on new technologies or ancient philosophies, The Spa Consultants offer priceless advice
and assist you to choose the correct treatments to suit both your budget and philosophy.


Hydrotherapy tub: This is a classic water  treatment with air bubbles and water jets which  offer a powerful underwater massage  treatment. There are single or double user units available as well as larger units that fit up to 6 or 12 people for group hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy pools / kneipp bath /  floatation pool: A small heated swimming pool with water jets positioned at different points for a powerful underwater therapeutic massage.  These pools may include lighting, under water music, bubble beds, goose neck water massagers and many other features to enhance the experience

Water Massage: The Dream Water Lounge  massage is the all new way to get a full body massage without even getting undressed or using any massage oils. You simply lie on the heated water bed, choose your programme and set your pressure and feel the tension and stress release.

Specialised Shower Systems: Swiss showers where a client stands inside a circular shower using many shower nozzles from at least 3 directions or sensation showers where a client stands in a circular shower with a pre-set programme beginning with a cool mist, aromatherapy infusion and hot shower are the most therapeutic shower systems available.

Vichy Shower: The client lies down on a heated slab with a horizontal shower system which is incorporated into body treatments and the shower is programmed for different pressures and water temperatures


Hydrotherapy pools / kneipp bath /  floatation pool


Specialised Shower Systems


Vichy Shower